Introduction :

Technology Cryosurgical Ablation

Applied objectAnimal tumors

Device nameMinimally invasive surgical equipment for animal tumor

Modelwiscryo CK-1

Ablation needle and handle introduction

Normal temperature zone

Avoiding benign tissue frostbite

Freezing area


Stainless steel capillary tube

The knife shell section consists of a four-layer structure

Lock nut

Handle housing

Gas pipeline

Based on the Joule-Thomson Principle of physics, the cryoablation needle relies on modern industrial design and incorporates a number of advanced aerospace technologies, using a probe with vacuum insulation technology to 

act directly on the tumor lesion area, combining multiple therapeutic effects such as tumor ablation, pain treatment, and immune enhancement. It can be used to treat patients with solid tumors that are not suitable for surgical resection.

Operation interface

Double channelTwo ablation needles can work at the same time CH1,CH2)

InterfaceSimple operation, easy to use after training

CThe channels are individually cooled for operation.

W:  The channels are individually heated for operation.

S:   The channels are individually fixed for operation.

STOP: Stop button, you can press this button to stop during surgery, freezing, heating, fixed mode.


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