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Frontal sinus tumor

Wuhan Barbie Hall and Huazhong Agricultural University Animal Hospital jointly completed the surgery

A CT scan of 10-year-old Alaska revealed a 5x5xm tumor in the frontal sinus region accompanied 

by extensive cranial lysis.The tumor recurred soon after surgical excision and grew rapidly to 9x8cm, 

causing temporary blindness in the right eye, walking in circles and unable to eat.

Two R24 ablation needles were used for the treatment, and the CT-guided puncture was precise.

The ablation needle punctures the tumor without damage, and the ice ball under CT is 

more accurate and safer to visualize, without worrying about frostbite to the brain.



One month after surgery

One month after surgery, the necrotic area shrank and absorbed, 

and the pressure on the nerve was gradually reduced and recovered as before.


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